Annika Andersson

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Annika grew up in a “mini music hall” in the greater Detroit area with her mother, the violinist and her father, the trumpeter. Annika is a proud graduate from Oakland University with a BFA in Musical Theatre.     

Annika loves sharing her passion of performing on all artistic fronts, which has led her to a wide range of experiences. She has performed in plays, musicals, opera, concerts, and film. Annika is also an avid pianist and violinist and has showcased these talents in several cabarets and theatrical productions. Additionally, Annika has a deep passion for playwriting, and has had her work showcased at several play festivals.

Through every artistic endeavor, it is Annika’s strong amount of positivity and the desire to collaborate with others that keeps her motivated. She strives to bring honesty, generosity, and compassion to every project and backstage interaction.