Emily Bordley

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Emily Bordley resides in New York City & is a BFA graduate of Point Park University’s dance program with a minor in musical theater. She has performed works by Lisa Stevens, Kiki Lucas, and Mark Burrell. She would like to thank her professors, Kiesha Lalama, Jason McDole, and Tracey Elaine for shaping her into the artist she is today.

Fortunate enough to merge her love for dance and theater into the same career, after graduation she was cast in two regional theater shows under the direction of Paul Stancato’s 2019 Aida and Marc Robin’s 2019 Evita. Emily has just concluded her contract with Lisa Stevens 2022 adaptation of Grease as the role of Frenchy and is currently in rehearsals for Cabaret under the direction of Josh Rhodes.

A proud bi-racial performer and member of the lgbtq+ community, she’ll utilize a love for choreographing and mentoring the younger generation. She is a proponent of educating youth and empowering young women through community service programs. One day she'll inspire the next generation of dancers.