Lucy Bowers

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Lucy is a New York based performer originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She accredits her Mom’s vinyl collection and penchant for old movie musicals as the beginning of her love for the performing arts!
She attended Kent State University, where she graduated magna cum laude, with a BFA in Musical Theatre. While in college Lucy performed in numerous mainstage and black box productions and collaborated with young artists to compose and showcase music in a project entitled Singing Verse.
Some of her favorite credits through the years include Allegro, (Millie) The Mystery of Edwin Drood, (Rosa Bud u/s) The Little Mermaid (Arista) and most recently The Music Man (Maud Dunlop). During the pandemic Lucy has kept busy participating in several virtual cabarets and teaching gymnastics, but is excited to get back to live theatre!
Outside of the arts, Lucy enjoys spending time in the great outdoors hiking, skiing and playing tennis or staying inside with a good book. You may also find her walking the runway from time to time and scouting out the best vintage shops in the area