Robert X. Newman

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Robert X. Newman is an actor/musician and a graduate of The Boston Conservatory with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater. At the conservatory, Robert built up strong singing and dance technique with teachers such as Michael Hanley and Michelle Chassé, and refined his acting skills through Meisner, Linklater, Grotowski, Alexander, and more.
Outside of his musical theater degree, Robert is a visual artist, musician, writer, composer and songwriter.
Robert grew up in the small town of Juneau, Alaska, where the town's natural beauty and vibrant artistic community inspired him to get involved in the arts from a very early age. At four, Robert enjoyed drawing and painting, and began studying violin. Over the years he has picked up mandolin, guitar, viola, and anything else he can get his hands on.
Busking on the streets of downtown Juneau helped Robert save up for college at the Boston Conservatory, where he continued to follow his passion for performing and making music. He chose to pursue musical theater to become a more well rounded artist, and to professionally develop skills in acting, singing, and dancing. Robert is compelled to tell deep, personal stories with unique perspectives, and strives to tell them with kindness, compassion, and open mindedness. He enjoys problem solving and stretching his comfort zone so that he can continue to learn more about himself and his fellow humans through the art he creates.