Sarah Raimondi

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Sarah Raimondi is a graduate of The Boston Conservatory. Upcoming: Exposed Off Broadway at MCS Theatre, written and performed by Sarah Raimondi, Kristin Heckler, Pauline Sherrow and Jacob Sebastian. New York Theater: Fred Hammond’s Cain and Able Off Broadway, Shakespeare Shakedown's Hamlet (Hamlet) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (Hermia), Recognize Theatre's How I Learned to Drive (Li'l Bit). Regional Theater: Jason Odell Williams’, Handle with Care (Ayelet - Fluent Hebrew), Stephen Massicotte’s Mary’s Wedding (Mary). Film: Amelia (present), in addition to playing the role of Jess, Sarah serves as co-writer of Amelia. Dead Reckoning (2016). Sarah is a proud member of Actor’s Equity.