Tyler Stettler

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Tyler Stettler is an actor who hails from Long Island University Post Campus as a proud graduate of their BFA Musical Theatre program. Tyler will be seen in the upcoming national tour of The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System as Arnold with TheatreworksUSA!

A little more about Tyler - Tyler was born and raised in Sunbury, Pennsylvania by two loving parents and is the middle child of three having both an older and younger sister. It was in eighth grade when Tyler was asked to be a part of the high school musical, The Wiz. He was hooked from that point on. Tyler would begin auditioning to be in every production he could be a part of throughout high school. He began to become so enthralled with acting that he began watching every critically acclaimed movie he could and ended up finding three actors who, to this day, he still believes define what acting means to him: Charlie Chaplin, Robert DeNiro, and Heath Ledger. Tyler would continue working his craft by attending university to further his passions.

He has spent the last four years training under multiple professors and learning a large array of acting practices such as Stanislavski, Chekov, and Meisner. However, his favorite of them all was the physical acting training known as Suzuki which he studied under the outstanding teaching of Maria Porter. Tyler’s outlook on the art form of acting was changed the moment he began learning the training and craft of Suzuki. He saw that theatre was not just entertainment, but was a profession of sharing and trusting those who you are with, using our voices to raise questions within an audience, creating stories that people can learn from and trying to implement the shows complex messages into their own lives. Of course, he has a few dream roles as well: Emcee in Cabaret, Lee in Sam Shepard's True West, and Iago in Othello.